This innovative system forms part of BAA’s plan to transform Heathrow, improve the passenger experience and reduce the environmental impact of our operation through the development of cutting edge, green transport solutions. It offers a completely new form of public transport – one that will deliver a fast, efficient service to passengers and bring considerable environmental benefits, saving more than half of the fuel used by existing forms of public or private transport.

Max Vialou-clark, BAA Heathrow commercial director.

One of the advantages of a PRT network is that it offers a lot of flexibility. It’s much less expensive than traditional transit. It doesn’t serve the same needs as high-speed rail or BART metro. It’s a complement to those systems.

Laura Stuchinksy, sustainability officer, City of San Jose Department of Transportation.

I think it’s a game changer. It’s really fun. More people will want to live here, play here, and stay here, with a safe and easy way to move around. We can enhance current transit.

John Kane, CEO and chairman of Kane Realty Corporation, North Carolina.