A letter to Ultra following our first anniversary

Ultra celebrated its first anniversary last week, with a very positive reponse from the customers who used the service on our birthday. One particular letter really stood out for us, and with kind permission from the author we’ve decided to publish it…

“Hi Mr Brown,

I am writing to say congratulations regarding the Pod.  It is fantastic.

My wife and I and father and mother in law  (69 and 72 respectively) used the pod for the first time last week and we were all extremely impressed with what has been created.  They really couldn’t get over that it actually existed and it was operating and was there to be of benefit to them.  It really was the perfect start to our short break.

We had all missed the press coverage when it went live last September so when we got to the car park it took us some time to believe that it was real.  It reminded me of something depicted in the 1970’s film Logan’s Run.

Far too often in the UK clever ideas and schemes are proposed but never seem to get past the planning stage or become diluted from the original idea; but the Pods are truly something to be proud of.  They are not a gimmick, they are not work in progress, they are not out of date or unnecessary before they are finished.  They are one of the most simple, environmentally friendly and useful engineering ideas I have ever seen and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have used it.  The idea of having to use an (often crowded) bus to get me from airport parking to the terminal is something I wish I wouldn’t have to do again.

The whole experience was faultless and I have no negative comments regarding any of it.  Have you considered solar panels in the Pods roof to assist with the vehicle recharging?

On our return journey a nice young lady handed us 1st anniversary pins, pens and a USB stick (this confused my father and mother in law no end), this made using the Pod even more special.

When I use Terminal 5 again I will definitely be using the Business Parking specifically because of the Pod.

I hope you and your company every success in the future and I look forward to seeing the Pod expanded at Heathrow and hopefully into as many airports as possible.

Best Regards,



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