Infrastructure is Great

As part of Great Britain’s international drive to promote infrastructure, a brochure called ‘Infrastructure is Great’ has been created by the British Trade & Cultural Office:


The was published in Mandarin, and contained a section on Ultra Global:

Translated, it reads:

“ULTRA Global PRT was commissioned by London Heathrow Airport operator BAA to build a 3.8 kilometres driverless guideway system – the pod system. The pod system consists of 21 vehicles, it has carried more than 330,000 passengers since it was first opened in summer 2011. It receives positive feedback from the passengers, media and environmental groups. Each vehicle is capable of carrying 4 passengers and their luggage, it provides personal services and non-stop journey to their destination.

Building a pod system is quick and easy, the infrastructure requires minimal land take and it costs three to five times less than traditional light rail infrastructure. It operates on battery, creates zero emissions and is therefore very sustainable. The whole system can be operated by two to three people, suitable for private investors, also suitable for places where there are large amount of passenger flows e.g. airports, retail malls, railway stations and education campuses etc.”

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