ultra pods

A series of computer-driven vehicles known as pods provide convenient and comfortable transport for up to four passengers, along with personal items such as luggage and shopping.

Heathrow Pod

An ultra PRT Global Heathrow T5 pod

Ultra pods are rubber-tyred, battery-powered vehicles, easily capable of carrying 4 passengers and their luggage. Compliant with disability legislation and with a total carrying capacity of up to 450kg, the Ultra pods are perfectly suited to accommodate wheelchairs, prams and bicycles.

The Ultra system offers security and convenience by providing a non-stop journey that gives passengers exclusive use of their vehicle. Each pod is monitored by CCTV and a dedicated team of controllers are on hand to help at the push of a button.

With a turning radius of only 5m (16 ft) and an empty weight of 850kg (1,870 lb), the pods can navigate complex routes with lightweight infrastructure, and are virtually silent when running, producing little or no external vibration and zero emissions.

Download the PDF below for detailed information on the Ultra pod.