Ultra pod systems offer a greater return on investment than other forms of integrated transport

Touchscreen interface at pod bay

The Ultra system at Heathrow

Ultra pod systems offer a greater overall return on investment at local level than other forms of integrated transport, such as monorails or trams.

As the Ultra pod is lightweight and has the ability to navigate tight corners, it runs on a guideway that is correspondingly light and easily routed where needed. This makes the system inexpensive to install compared to larger-vehicle systems with much heavier infrastructure.  In addition, Ultra provides a transit capacity (fleet size) more flexible and better matched to expected demand levels.

As a basic guide, a complete Ultra pod system, including guideway, stations, vehicles and control systems will cost approximately between $7-$15 million US dollars per km to construct, however individual project costs can vary considerably depending on factors relating to the surrounding environmental setting, integration requirements and the expected system usage.

Contact the Ultra team to discuss the needs of your organisation and they’ll prepare a bespoke quote reflecting the size and complexity of your potential system.