Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)

Ultra Global is a proud member of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)

ATRA is a diverse group of people brought together by the common realisation that the transportation systems of the past cannot meet the transportation needs of the future, or even the present. As a non-profit corporation, ATRA’s purpose is to encourage the development and deployment of advanced transportation systems that will benefit society.

Membership of the group is largely made up of active and retired transportation professionals, engineers, architects, urban planners, students, educators, and enthusiasts that promote the consideration of advanced transit options. Membership is open to anyone who is willing to take a fresh look at new ways to meet our mobility needs. ATRA do not endorse any particular company or system, rather they strive to serve as an objective information resource to help decision makers navigate the often complex issues surrounding transportation choices particularly as it pertains to new technology.

ATRA Corporate Partners:
-Ultra Global
-Airfront. 21
-PRT Consulting

More details about ATRA can be found on their website.