about us

Ultra provides environmentally sustainable 21st century transport solutions

The Ultra team comprises a balance of technical and operational experience and are recognised leaders in the transport systems industry.


Originally an engineering research project to devise the optimum urban transport solution for the 21st century, Ultra began development in 1995 in association with the University of Bristol.

By 2001, the company had established a 1km test track in Cardiff, where it has conducted trial runs of several generations of PRT vehicles.

In 2000, Ultra won the UK government Innovative Transport contract resulting in £2.7m funding for the design and development of a full prototype. Three years later and the Ultra pod system was approved for public use by the UK Regulatory Authority (HM Rail Inspectorate).

In 2005, Ultra was chosen to build a pod system at London’s Heathrow Airport.

In May 2011, the worlds first commercial personal Rapid Transit system entered full operational service at Heathrow Airport. The system which features 3.8km of guideway provides 900 passengers per day with a vital link between the T5 Business Car Park and the Terminal itself.

Now in 2013, Ultra Global is exploring potential applications for PRT systems in the United Kingdom and across the world. In addition to a PRT system that is expected to be built in Amritsar in Northern India, Ultra is doing a detailed feasibility study for the Brazilian city of Florianopolis and is in discussions with partners in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile in the UK, Ultra’s system at Heathrow Airport having recently celebrated the second anniversary of full operations in May 2013, the system reached travelling 1 million driverless miles, a landmark not just for Ultra but for the autonomous vehicle industry.



As the world leader in personal rapid transit development, Ultra anticipates substantial growth over the next few years, leading to exciting career opportunities across all disciplines.

If you are seeking a challenging and demanding career and have the skills and enthusiasm to contribute to this ground-breaking industry, then contact us at [email protected].