2012 for Ultra Global

It’s been another ground-breaking year for the Ultra Global pod system.

The system at Heathrow has carried over 500,000 passengers to date, with passengers continuing to rave about its speed, reliability, environmental credentials and its readiness to go.

We’ve had transport and government ministers from the UK and around the world visiting the system to ascertain how it could be incorporated into new and existing cityscapes.

As a result of this, we’ve signed Memorandums of Understandings (MoU’s) with business partners in Malaysia, Taiwan and Brazil where we will be working on feasibility studies to introduce a pod system in key cities.  All of these are very real development prospects that will bring demonstrable benefits to users.  We aim to bring you more news on these in the coming months.

The Amritsar project is still under development and should hit key milestones in 2013 including beginning construction.

To sum up – 2012 has been a good one for Ultra.  But we’re hoping 2013 will be an even more exciting one, as more development projects move forward, with pods becoming a familiar sight in more cities around the world.

Fraser Brown
MD, Ultra Global

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