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Ultra uses research and development to engineer personal rapid transit systems that provide environmentally sustainable 21st Century transport solutions. More…

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Ultra pods are a new type of transportation technology, which consists of small, lightweight, driverless electric vehicles running on special-purpose guideways. Ultra pod provides on-demand, non-stop transportation in your own personal vehicle. More…


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Ultra Global and Taiwanese partners to carry out landmark study into Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Ultra Global is delighted to announce that it has signed a contract with its partners China Engineering Consultants Inc (CECI) to carry out a feasibility study into the deployment of… Read the Rest→

Bloomberg TV Report on Pods including Ultra Global’s Heathrow pod

Ultra Global’s Heathrow pod Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system has been included in a short report by Technology Reporter Rachel Crane that asks the question ‘Are luxury pods the transportation… Read the Rest→

Arup Aviation News Article: ‘Personal Rapid Transport – (PRT) Two Years On at Heathrow’

Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) – Two years on at Heathrow. Has the project been successful and is PRT the way forward for the ‘last mile’ solutions? The pioneering technology which… Read the Rest→

Engineering & Technology Magazine video report on Heathrow pod and PRT

Representatives from Ultra, Heathrow Airport and Arup took part in a short film chronicling the benefits of the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system deployed at Heathrow and the potential for… Read the Rest→