vehicle features & customisation

Two Heathrow Pods
Heathrow Pods are the latest version of the Ultra vehicle

Comfortable and robust, Ultra pods are well-proven, reliable vehicles that are built from off-the-shelf automotive industry components and use advanced technology to provide a unique transport solution.

A standard pod features:

  • Single-side or double-side electric doors
  • Seats facing front and rear to accommodate 4 adults
  • Automatic charging points
  • Two-way communications between passengers and control team
  • Passenger information LCD screen
  • Wireless communication system for 2-way data and command exchange between vehicle and central control

Download the PDF below for detailed information on pod features and construction.

Pod vehicle interior design
The interior design for Heathrow Pods


Ultra’s pods offer considerable scope for both aesthetic and practical customisation. Both the vehicle interior and exterior can be modified to meet the system’s practical needs and visually suit the surrounding environment.

Design for Ultra freight vehicle
The pods are ideal for freight transportation conversion.



Not just limited to a passenger vehicle role, the flat floors and large door openings make the pods ideal for freight transportation conversion.

Download the PDF below for detailed information on pod customisation options.

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