What happens if there is a breakdown?

Ultra’s system is highly reliable and minimises the possibility of breakdown. Each pod has an on-board computer that automatically detects maintenance issues so that the unit can be taken out… Read the Rest→

What about personal safety and security?

Every vehicle is equipped with a “help” button which instantly puts the passenger in audio and visual contact with a network operator, who can provide assistance in an emergency. If… Read the Rest→

Is the system safe?

Safety is Ultra’s first priority; all aspects of the system’s design, construction and operation have been assessed by an independent group of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals known as the… Read the Rest→

Why is it driverless – isn’t it better to have a driver?

By not using drivers we provide a system that is able to transport high frequencies of passengers straight to their individual destinations quickly and without waiting. If such a system… Read the Rest→

Do Ultra pods have drivers?

No, Ultra pods are guided entirely by computers and the network as a whole is monitored at all times by control room staff.