Could you put the system in a tunnel?

Undergrounding is possible, where appropriate, but constructing the system will cost more if tunnelling is required. Elevated guideway is more cost-efficient and should be used wherever possible.

Is an Ultra system a monorail?

No, it is not a monorail. Monorails use large vehicles, traveling on heavy guideways, carrying large groups of people along pre-determined routes at pre-scheduled times, with many stops along the… Read the Rest→

Will it be elevated?

At times; there will be places where it is elevated and other places where it is at ground level, below ground, and possibly even inside buildings, depending on the surrounding… Read the Rest→

Is an Ultra pod system built on a guideway?

Ultra uses small lightweight pods that travel on their own special guideway, making the system safer and more efficient. The guideways can be customised to suit a variety of environments.

Will Ultra pods run on existing roads? What happens to the other traffic?

Ultra’s pods would never run along existing roads. The system relies on a central computer controlling all movements on a pre-set guideway. By operating without drivers, on its own off-road… Read the Rest→

How much does an Ultra pod cost?

The cost of an Ultra pod system can depend on a number of factors, although approximately $7M – $15M per km is typical. In a place where any tunnelling or… Read the Rest→

How many people can an Ultra pod carry?

An Ultra pod can carry up to four passengers at once; the interior’s open design and flat floor means that there is plenty of room wheelchairs, pushchairs and passenger luggage.