Will Ultra pods replace buses and trains?

Ultra‚Äôs pods system is most beneficial when established over a specific area for a particular application. The pods are not intended to replace buses and trains, which can operate on… Read the Rest→

Why is an Ultra pods system better than a bus or a train?

A bus or train is only available at a predetermined time and for a predetermined route; an Ultra pods system is available when you want it, providing a non-stop journey… Read the Rest→

Wouldn’t this undermine existing bus services?

In studies conducted by independent consultants, Ultra found that its system will increase the ridership of all public transport by increasing the viability of transit services across the board, including… Read the Rest→

Would there be any benefits for cyclists?

Yes. Ultra vehicles are spacious enough to carry multiple bicycles on-board. The implementation of the system also helps to reduce the number of cars on the roads, making cycling more… Read the Rest→

How many car trips could Ultra save?

In studies conducted by independent consultants, PRT networks have been estimated to decrease car trips by 10% to 30% or more, with an average decrease of 15%.